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Syndicate studies

Our Purpose ar

Impact study educationLearnmile is a unique Education focused Research + Advisory outfit
driven to achieve Client goals & improve last-mile performance. It’s driven to empower a positive shift in Education, through incisive Research & Result focused Advisory. +read more
Syndicate study in education
B1. Proprietary Index & Ratings
B2. Partnered reports
B3. Syndicated study & reports

The syndicate studies by Learnmile unearth choice drivers , value drivers, motivators and de-motivators for target segment using its proprietary tools. Syndicate studies helps education leaders and decision makers to understand customer behavior and preferences for the given product parameters, geography, demographics, education drivers.

Impact Study
To assess the impact of interventions in education development , Learnmile through its tools developed for education sector conducts the impact study. The study takes care of both the qualitative and quantitative measurement.



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