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Indian Children's Literature

Summary note: This report unearths the unique challenges and progression of children’s literature as a separate segment of literature in India. While discovering the various issues and opportunities in this sector, the report brings forward insights on the key challenges and the stakeholders.
With in-depth application of Learnmile's proprietary tools like Miletree exploratory research and derivative analytics, and interviews with leading publishers, distributors, authors and NGO’s, it reflects a broader yet a deeper understanding of the subject.

The challenges revolve around eleven key areas which have been further detailed and provide an exhaustive understanding of the problem structure. Specific challenges have been identified in the areas of content, illustration, publishing, distribution, pricing, warehousing, language, marketing and the nature of trade besides challenges with stakeholders like authors and the end users.

Mapping and the forecast of the segment's value for the first time has been done in this report. Progressive recommendations from Learnmile are presented in the subsequent chapter in the report. This section is categorized under three heads: Creation, Marketing and Social Initiatives.
This report aims to help stakeholders achieve the maximum potential of children’s literature, and looks at this sector comprehensively, as an unsaturated and heterogeneous segment.

Report price: INR 25,000 (inclusive of all taxes)

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