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Learnmile Approach

  1. Our proprietary Brand Health approach identifies the key drivers to brand equity, understanding all facets of a brand like Functional properties, Brand image, Emotional needs, Culture, & Personality.
  2. It takes into account the importance of price to calculate Brand choice, which reflects the Brand value
  3. The key output is best reflected through a Brand Affiliation score
Key Areas of Intervention & Outcomes,
These are some key questions we work backwards from.
Fig.1Intervention & Outcomes Questions
case studies
What is my Brand Equity
How do I see my Brand’s Equity Framework?
How strong is my brand relative to competition?
What is the equity of my brand?

How do I improve my Brand’s Equity
What are the brand properties that will make my brand stronger?
Which one should I proactively improve for my brand?

Defining future brand strategy
GPS for my brand-Is my brand moving in the intended direction?
How do I design my retention and acquisition strategies?

Acting on key drivers
What are the key drivers of my brand’s equity and how do they translate to consumer’s
preference of my brand?
How strong or week am I versus competition on these key drivers?
What should be my key messaging?
How can I stand out versus competition through messaging?

Client Issues Addressed by the Framework

Fig.1. What Makes Consumers Choose One Brand Over Another
Case Study

Brand Equity
  1. What are the functional and emotional positioning drivers of Brand Equity? What are the Brand benefits and needs?
  2. How strong is my brand positioned in consumer’s mind vis-à-vis competition?
  3. How do I optimize positioning of my brand so as to maximize Brand Equity?

Brand Value
  1. How’s the Brand versus Price equation in the category? How is my brand perceived in relation to its price?

Brand Affiliation

  1. How’s the Customer Loyalty to my brand compared to competition?
  2. Who are the vulnerable Consumers of my brand and how do I enable an endearing connect between them & my brand?
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