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Accreditation of all higher education institutes to be made mandatory from 2013
Accreditation for all higher educational institutions will be made mandatory from next year. With the National Accreditation Regulatory Authority (NARA) ...

Government higher education scheme likely to get Rs 500 crore
Government's ambitious programme aiming at increasing enrolment in higher educational institutions is likely to get Rs 500 crore for financial year...

Enrolment in schools rises 14% to 23 crore
In a significant leg up to the government's literacy initiative, a national survey has revealed that almost 23 crore children are studying in 13 lakh schools across the country....

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Case Studies

Transforming a Business to an Aspired for Consumer Brand & the associated hurdles & challenges.

HCL, a leading Desktop player has the Business Challenge to Scale Up profitably & increase the market share within inherent constraints of being an Indian Value for Money Brand.

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National study for K-12 to identify teaching learning gaps and their respective solutions.

A national study covering more than 100 schools of CBSE, State board and ICSE Board, 1500 teachers, 100+ Principals and education leaders, 500+ parents, more than 200 hrs of classroom research. This...

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